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When you choose to work with us, we usually begin whetting your appetite for Lean or Six Sigma. We motivate you through the simple application of these techniques, before expanding your knowledge and allowing you to use them fully. Why? To develop your understanding and encourage a defined, Six Sigma way of working.

Six Sigma

Put simply, Six Sigma is a technical problem solving technique. It uses principles based on the laws of physics to understand and control your processes. In doing this, Six Sigma is able to solve technical problems that Lean cannot. 

man with chartTypical business benefits that can be achieved by training Six Sigma experts are:

For technical and complex processes:
•  Improving reliability
•  Reducing reject rates
•  Improving consistency
•  Simplifying technical and ‘complex’ processes
•  Understanding ‘black art’ processes
•  Right first time new product development

For your people:
•  New skills development
•  A recognised and respected qualification
•  The ability to use a wide range of tools


Lean is simply a way of organising and managing your company processes and supply chain to best meet your customers’ needs. Typically, Lean makes customer orders flow more efficiently through your processes.

Immediate benefits of Lean implementation are:
•  Reduced lead times
•  Improved on-time delivery
•  Improved stock inventory (levels and variety)
•  Simplifying office systems and saving time.