Greenbelt to Blackbelt conversion

What is it?
A total of 6 classroom training days with ongoing coaching support.

Who is it for?
APL trained Greenbelts who are ready expand their skills

Programme Features:
•  2 x 3 days to allow candidates to work on projects during the 4 week break in between training sessions.
•  Interactive exercise based training designed to engage and motivate candidates.
•  Projects which deliver real business benefits must be completed during the training
•  3 mentoring review days to ensure successful project completion

Programme Objectives:
The course will build greater and more complex statistical skills as well as developing skills in the strategic selection of the right projects to use either Lean or Six Sigma on.

•  Upgrade Greenbelt skills with more complex statistical.
•  Deliver a successful and profitable result to a business project that returns at least x 10 return on training costs.
•  Develop process experts who have the skills to solve any long term or intractable process problems.
•  Develop business Leaders to drive your improvement activities strategically to help your business grow.

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