Manufacturing Greenbelt Development

What is it?
A combined training and personal skills coaching programme which offers the latest Six Sigma techniques to guarantee success.
We will demonstrate ow the practice of Six Sigma enables the measurement and removal of variation and waste. This powerful process methodology is project focussed, and operates within the structure of Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control (DMAIC). Bottom line results are quickly achieved.

Who is it for?
Continuous Improvement professionals

Programme Features:
•  A total of 9 days classroom with ongoing coaching support.
•  3 x 3 days that allows the candidates to work on projects during the 3 week break in between training sessions.
•  Interactive exercise based training designed to engage and motivate candidates.
•  Projects which deliver real business benefits must be completed during the training
•  Designed to integrate with and enhance your existing Continuous Improvement programme.

Programme Objectives:
•  Deliver a successful and profitable result to a business project.
•  Develop process experts who have the skills to solve any long term or intractable process problems.
•  Develop skills to allow businesses eliminate mountains of meaningless data.

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